NICE TO MEET YOU!!! We are the Glocal Torbole: MICHELE artisan printer, EMANUELA hotelier, ADELE SOLE student with the dream of becoming a doctor and AMY lover of volleyball and a dreamer of space. All four of us are “TRAVEL LOVERS”, we have been to Australia, Thailand, Laos, Burma and Japan and here and there in Europe, but we hope to never stop discovering and learning about new cultures all over the world.


We created Glocal Torbole because we love to travel, and meeting other travelers is always a wonderful experience. Glocal Torbole is not just a hotel, it’ s like an “OPEN HOUSE”, where travelers arriving in Trentino, on Lake Garda in Torbole, find the perfect place to stop and feel comfortable, free and happy.


FOLLOW US on Instagram glocal_torbole or Facebook Glocal Torbole! And if you have two more minutes time, write how your experience was here with us at Glocal Torbole, where you prefer: google, ,facebook, istagram….we will personally keep for us your “goodbye” with a smile!!!


So here at Glocal Torbole, the days pass without worries … on vacation it’s nice to “disconnect” from the daily routine and maybe rediscover happiness in simple experiences like a game? Here is what we offer:


soccer and ping pong are always at your disposal, we would take care of sanitize rackets and mittens. Some of the many board games that we are passionate about at Glocal will be available, those that will allow you to “play” safely.


Italian cuisine makes the whole world dream, here at Glocal Torbole we are not chefs, but carbonara, amatriciana, bolognese … we cook them often.
For now we cannot cook together, but we can prepare them for you … and you will taste them in your room, on the balcony or in the living room and tell us how good we were!


Our library is not so big, but grows with the Travel Lovers that pass through here. If you have not brought anything to read, maybe you can be intrigued by our wonderful photo books (our passion!). Feel free to borrow them, we are sure you will treat them with the care that taste objects deserve.
And once a month we organize a special event, in which Giulia from MiCamera Milano will tell us a preview book … a book is a journey.
Even in this particular moment we don’t want to give up the beauty of reading, so we ask you to ask us before taking or leaving a new book.
Glocal Library


Do you want to make a book or a hand-printed typographic poster in our laboratory? The “old style” way to print can be really interesting, try!
Glocal Experience


We feel more and more to be “Travel Lovers”, and you? Take us on a journey with you, share with us #glocaltorbole the unique experiences you will encounter, the wonderful places near or far from our Lake Garda… we can’t wait to follow you;))
Sono un Travel Lovers


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