reakfast at Glocal Torbole is always ready at 8 am and ends around 11:00 am. But if it happens that you have to wake up early or even very early, or that the night before you were late and just as late you want cappuccino and breakfast, count on us! 

First of all, every morning we like to give you a good morning with a good and intense coffee, made by our 1968 “President-faema” machine which still continues to give a magnificent espresso, which served steaming and fragrant is pure energy for your days

We cook the eggs exactly as you want them, in the same way we prepare cakes and muffins every day. The bread arrives fresh, for your “Glocal style” breakfast from the bakery and according to the season the farmer Giovanni, brings strawberries, cherries, kiwis and berries. We believe that Km0 is good for our breakfast and in the same way for the environment.

You will also find jams and organic hazelnut cream and honey, all Bio products. We will offer you the Trentino speck, the tasty Tremosine cheese and fresh fruit ready to eat or mix with yogurt.

And finally remember, if for breakfast you want or need special foods, gluten-free, lactose-free or even egg-free, or rather vegan … no problem, let us know in the booking or as soon as you arrive and we will take care of it, you will just have to sit and enjoy everything.

You know what are the “Trentino fortaie"!

There is one last thing you will always find on our breakfast buffet, the Trentino fortaie! In the rest of the world they call them Crèpes, for us they have always been the Fortaie, when our mothers prepared them for dinner or as a rich breakfast. The recipe is that of our grandmothers, absolutely sugar-free. We make them and you can enjoy them every day for breakfast, sweet or savory.

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